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The Australian Newspaper has featured Ability Focused

So happy to have sat down with the Australian Newspaper to discuss a very important issue facing the Disability Support Sector. That being the low percentage of quality professional male support workers employed in this service. It appears that this role has always been a chosen career path for more women than men. Why, I can only speculate. What I do know is that people with disability need more positive, engaged and caring males as role models and friends. I realised first hand the lack of male role models in the lives of people with disabilities, especially men. Many fathers have had to work long hours to provide that extra funding to assist people with disabilities, plus I coupled with a high incidence of divorce rates in Australia. Families with disabilities are a big part of this statistic and women assume the role of primary care giver.

I am a male in his 40's and can think of no greater career path. I have had so much great feedback from families and participants, but what they dont realise is how much I need this job to keep me happy, centred, grounded and humble. The reward that comes from finishing a great day out with someone who is genuinely happy to have your presence and know that you have really contributed to giving them a daily life experience is something that money cannot buy.

Men are you looking for a "Soul Change". Become a Disability Support Worker. You will be rewarded in more ways that you can imagine.

Thank you once again to Verity from the Australian Newspaper for interviewing us, as well as the team at Better Caring ( for making it happen

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