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Another great Saturday

What a great way to spend a perfect Autumn day with my mates Aaron, Lucas and William. After picking them up at their homes, we all headed out west for a day of fishing in the Georges River. First stop was home where I had to pick up some racquets for tennis and then we went to Cabramatta and see how the streets of this vibrant community are buzzing with life on a Saturday morning. Next stop was a short drive to the Georges River where we were met by my mum and dad, which was great. Plus the guys know them already and were asking about them (my dads berbecues may have something to do with it!) After a great lunch we settled in for some fishing and games. We didnt catch much but head a great time there. We then went to Otford to check in on a horse riding farm inside the beautiful Illawarra Escarpement for a future horse riding excursion and then finished the day with tennis and some ice creams. Then dropped off at their homes.

Loved the great music you were all playing as each guy took turns being DJ. One minute it was Queen, then Greek music and then Hip Hop, the car was bouncing!

Its always a great day with you guys. Thanks so much.

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