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Symbio Wildlife Park Sunday 26-02-17

This is not a job. It's an amazing and wonderful life. A life of meaning, purpose and an opportunity to share fantastic daily experiences with interesting and inspiring people. Yesterday was amazing. We thought it would rain, but the day turned out great. I took some of my team who I coach with @SpecialOlympicsSydneySouth to see the beautiful South Coast of Sydney. Good to see my team like hip hop, Michael Jackson and for Lucas, his wonderful Greek music. Plus it was so good to have Kim as a new member of the group. Awesome dancer and great singer. We are thinking of doing a fishing and barbecue and tennis coaching day out next. Leo will be joining us on the next one. Thanks again Princess Mary (Kim), Souvlaki Head (Lucas) and Mr Vamos (William) for an awesome day out. Can't wait until NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme comes to your area so you can utilise your funding to take part in these unique and tailored innovative community participation activities.

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