Micro Business Project-Participants Wanted

Micro Business- Fruit Distribution Objective There are a number of people with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities who have very high IQ’s, physical capabilities and have the capacity to provide much needed services and be valued members of their community. Unfortunately, where their abilities are somewhat limited is in their social interactions and how they are able to interpret and best cope with their surroundings. During my time as a Transition To Work Trainer and Marketer, I had the privilege of providing post school job preparation and training options and was very fortunate to place participants into paid work, both mainstream as well as supported work environments. Many are still in mainstream, paid employments as well as ADE’s. However, there were a few who had limited social and communication skills and through their diagnosis, can find it difficult at times to deal with the pressures of mainstream employment in their own community. People within the Autism Spectrum (inc. Aspergers) as well as people with Schizoaffective disorder and anxiety are a very good example of the people who I am referring to.Unfortunately mainstream employers and managers try their best to assist but are unable to devote the necessary time and resources to support this person. The results are that they lose their job and perceive themselves as failures. Or they are happy to lose the job as the pressures of working in an environment that they are unfamiliar with is too stressful so they either return to the program or stay at home. Goals To engage participants in activities that promote inclusion, team work, health and fitness, small business skills and quality of life. To do this, participants will create their own micro business project and each participant will utilise their individual skills and interest to ensure its success. It will be conducted in a small group environment of 8 participants and 2 support staff. This environment will be a supported environment where support workers and fellow participants will be in an environment of mutual respect and understanding. The support staff will assist them in going through the process of creating and maintaining a start up micro business project. What candidate would best be suited to this Enterprise. People with good communication skills, computer literacy, some with good levels of physical fitness (lifting of boxes, getting in and out of vehicles), people that are willing to learn and be motivators to themselves and other people.

These are the roles that participants within the group will be able to fulfil. Marketing (online graphic designers and social media marketer) Logistics Sales team (Public Relations) Purchaser Accounts. Packers Sorters Project Outline First Month -Meet the team. Training and setting up business Hours during the first month 8am-4pm. 9 hours per day. Two days per week. Total amount of hours per week- 18 hours Location- Training Room to be announced Step1. Recruiting of team of 8 participants. Getting personal contact details. Step2. Setting up the fundamentals of the business. Training in “what is a small business” in a group training environment. Topics that will be covered:Creating a business name, branding. Delegation of roles, setting up of quality controls and OH&S procedures. Brainstorming of who our target customers will be and how we will promote to them. What our fruit boxes will contain. How we maintain records of customers and who has paid, contact details address etc. How to best maximise efficiency through the process chain (purchasing, packing and logistics, distribution, customer service). Marketing (brochures, phone and email canvasing) and communication. Sales- our group will develop confidence in a training environment through role play, public speaking, phone canvassing techniques, finding and chasing up leads, as well as best ways of coping with anxiety during any form of social engagement. Members of the group will be assigned certain roles that will be done in a group team environment or maintained individually. Every morning we will meet for our daily business meetings and write our daily objectives, goals and task delegation. Travel training of participants leaving from Central Station to their respective homes Step3. Visit Paddy’s market and liaise with wholesalers. Get wholesale prices as well as contact details of wholesalers. Formulate costing to work out sale price of fruit boxes Step 4. Create marketing, brochures. Begin online sales and cold calling. Picking up moneys from potential customers. This will be a cash based business. Preparing for first week of business. Second month and ongoing- Work Hours and itinerary. Hours- 6.30am-3.30 pm. Tuesday and Wednesday. Number of vans-2 (1X 8 seater to pick up clients and 1X Delivery van to deliver fruit boxes) Itinerary 6.30-730am. 8 seater van to pick up from home the 6 participants either from their homes. Support staff in second van will pick up 2 participants that will travel ahead to Paddy’s Markets Flemington to begin purchasing fruit and vegetables 7.30-9am am Large group (5 participants drive to Paddies to meet with other van with staff and 2 participants that has already begun purchasing and loading into the van. 9-10.30am Sorting, cleaning, preparing fruit boxes in Paddies. we have to sort out 30 boxes of 12 different items 10.30-11am morning tea in Packing area. 11am-12.00 pm continue packing, cleaning out the sorting area 12pm-12-30 pm Lunch break 12.30-1300 pm Packing of Boxes into truck and sorting out logistics. 13.00-14.15 pm Delivery to individual houses and acquiring next weeks order. 2.15-3.30pm Daily debrief, marketing and debrief and social time in centre where we can discuss what can be improved and planning forward, plus ongoing training and group based support. Website created and maintained by the group. Any online customer contact liaison will be run and maintained by the group. Parents will be sent a text or phone call as to what time the participant left for home and a brief rundown of he day. We will set up a Facebook Messenger group account where our team can communicate outside of working hours.

Payment to participants Participants will be paid a cash payment at the end of each shift. Payments will be distributed evenly among participants who attended that particular day. A percentage of daily wage will be put in a saving fund. Its goal is to teach and encourage the importance of saving and budgeting and to budget for a great day out (eg, barbecue and fishing trip). Projected Payment to the participants (based on sales of 30 boxes) We are hoping that each participant will receive $50 each for the days work. Payment will be cash to ensure that clients will not lose their DSP. If sales increase, projected payments to participants will increase accordingly. Support staff will receive no payments from the sale of fruit boxes. Support staff will be paid through government funding. Payment to Support Workers and hourly rates. For the micro business project we charge an hourly rate of $25 per participant per hour. Based on a 9 hour day. 4 participants per support worker.

What we can provide under the NDIS (for Client Target group. Lower or Standard needs clients), these supports Travel & Participant Transport Picking up participants from their home or meeting point and dropping off participants at train station at the end of shift. Travel training. CORE SUPPORTS Assistance with Social and Community Participation (Support category 1.04)Group based community, social and recreational activities. CAPACITY BUILDING SUPPORTS Increased Social and Community Participation (Support Category 3.09) Improved Learning (Support Category 3.13) School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) (Support Category 3.10) Improved Daily Living skills Whats included in our fees. Our services for 9 hours per day, 2 times per week. Plus admin and communication with parents. We lease our own vans and pay for all fuel and running cost. What if you choose to leave the project and wish to find work? John De Giusti has spent many years specialising in this field, having worked as a TTW Trainer and Marketer as Well as a Disability Employment consultant. John can provide one on one individual consultation or group training, covering such important topics such as resume preparation, phone interview techniques, preparing for your first interview, dress for success, body language and ways to effectively convey the right messages during interview, how to provide initial and follow up communication with prospective employers.We do this through a series of confidence building exercises such as public speaking, role playing and breathing exercise techniques. Plus we can also work behind the scenes and cold canvas potential employers. A bit like a Nova service, but more boutique and without a long client backlog. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call John De Giusti on 0430 417 699 or just register with Better Caring by going to www.bettercaring.com.au , go to the top right hand side and click sign up. If you would wish any references from parent or past participants they can be provided on request. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can. Kindest Regards, John De Giusti. Ability Focused LTD.

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